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1st Progress Report - Sept. 17th

posted Sep 17, 2015, 9:09 AM by Amanda Yearwood   [ updated Sep 17, 2015, 9:18 AM ]
Progress reports for the first grading period were distributed to all students on Thursday, September 17th through 4th period classes.  (INOW progress reports include live instruction classes at WPHS.  See below for details on classes in other locations and formats.)  The first report card will go out on October 15, 2015.  

For grade information in online classes or courses not listed on progress reports, see below:
  • CATA Grades - Students taking career technical courses at CATA will receive grading reports from the Career Center.  Semester averages for credit will appear on the second and final report cards.
  • ACCESS - Students may log in at any time to view grades and work on assignments.  To log in, visit .
  • Compass Credit Recovery - Students taking credit recovery courses through Compass may view grades and progress by logging in to their accounts.  The Compass program is contained within the school network and can only be accessed at school. Reports are available from the teacher/facilitator.
  • Hancock Grades - Students who are taking courses at CATA in the Hancock Program are using Compass.  Students may view grades and progress by logging in.  Progress reports will be provided by CATA.
  • Dual Enrollment - Students taking dual enrollment courses with Wallace State should speak directly with the instructor for grade and progress information.  Final grades for the Fall semester will be posted on the student's MyWallaceState account.
  • Fast Track Academy - Students participating in the Fast Track Academy should refer to their instructors for grade and progress information.  Any course that is taken through dual enrollment will have a final grade available through the student's MyWallaceState account.  Courses taken through Compass can be accessed by logging in to the students account.
  • Fast Track for Industry - Same as Fast Track Academy
  • Credit Recovery (Jones Chapel) - Progress toward goals can be obtained from CARE.