Senior Breakfast

We have 143 seniors.  We need to be able to feed the seniors and any parents who attend.  You do not have to bring enough yourself to feed that number, but we need to know how much you plan to bring.  More than one person may bring the same thing. 

Contact person - Christy Chappell email or call 256-734-5375.

All items will need to be brought to the Auditorium by 8:00 AM on Friday, May 10th.

Breakfast will be served starting at 8:30, followed by the viewing of  the Senior DVD.  Senior walk-out will begin at approximately 9:45.

Paper Products (plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths,& utensils)

Chappell- tablecloths
D. Green - cups, plates, silverware
T. Grimmett - cups
T. Waters - napkins, plates, utensils

Drinks (juices, tea, soft drinks, water)

Brock - 3 gallons juice
L. Sapp - I gal. tea & 2-liter drink
S. Pricer - 2 sweet tea & 5 2-liter drinks
D. Nuss - 2 juices
D. Griggs - 3 gal. chocolate milk & ice
T. Blackwood - 1 case water
M. Ball - 2 2-liters & 2 cases water
R. Schwitz - 5 2-liter drinks
T. Looney - 1 gal. juice
T. Grimmett 4 2-liter drinks
Oldacre - 3 gal. sweet tea
A. Burdette - tea & chocolate milk
T. Bailey - 2 chocolate milk


Ortiz - breakfast burritos
Goforth - bacon  (need others to bring bacon)
Freeman, H. Brown, Keller, Currington S. Walker - sausage balls (this will be plenty)
P.Brown - bacon
D. Skinner - flat of scrambled eggs
A. Glover - pigs in blankets
M. Quattlebaum - pigs in blankets (& senior cake)
A. Marsh - cheese grits 
L. Guess - sausage rolls
J. Duckett - sausage wraps
F. Smith - flat of scrambled eggs & bacon
B. Drake - eggs
T. Bailey - 50 sausage patties
M. Jones -sausage patties, egg patties

Berry - breakfast casserole
Woods - french toast casserole
C. White - breakfast casserole
H. Prestwood - breakfast pizza
S. Hall - breakfast casserole
T. Looney -breakfast casserole
Arendall-2 hash brown casseroles & fried apples
A. Hardin -grits casserole
C. Costman-hash brown casserole
G. Dye - sausage casserole
R. Crabtree -breakfast casserole

Brock - 5 dozen donuts
Thomas - 75 cinnamon rolls
Currington - mini cinnamon rolls
Brannon - 25 Butter Biscuits
P. Brown - 50 biscuits
L. Sapp - 5 dozen donuts
D. Nuss - monkey bread
K. Aldridge - monkey bread
T. Brannon -biscuits
K. Allbright - monkey bread
T. Waters - 2 dozen biscuits
T. Cutlip - 60 biscuits 
M. Jones - biscuits


J. Eddy
A. Marsh
C. White
T. Blackwood

Condiments (butter, jelly, mustard, ketchup, gravy)
P. Brown - gravy
L. Sullins- gravy
T. Bower - sausage gravy
J. Taylor-condiments
M. Jones-homemade jelly


M.Mapes - cupcakes
L. Hembree-homemade Reese's
P. Holmes- rice krispy treats
T. Ray - cupcakes
V. Williams -cookies
S. Looney - dessert