West Point High School (WPHS) recently held its annual student government elections, and the new SGA members were announced on Wednesday, August 23, 2023. The new president is Hiley Moore.  The vice president is Olivia Wren. The secretary is Kortni Baker. The treasurer is Macie Brown, and the Sergeant at Arms is Aiden Helms.  

The SGA is a vital part of the WPHS community, and the new members are committed to making a positive impact. They are confident that they can work together to make WPHS a more inclusive, supportive, and engaged school for all students.

Other members:

*indicates class officers
Marli Powell*
Aaron Warren*
Hallie Wheeler*
Liberty Shadix*
JD Cochran
Omar Segundo
Aidan Helms
Macayla Wilkins
Baylor Wells
Nora Dotson*
Katie Beth Yovino*
Anna Kate Taylor*
John- Davis Yovino*
Sierra Cranford
Georgia Metrock
Rene Moreno
Jay Lamar
Connor Crawford
Silas Baty
Addy Guthrie
Camila Guevara
Caitlee Simmons*
Ellorie Kate Harbison*
Charli Aris*
Charlie Ashley*
Patton Fell
Bella Thornton
Kara Jones
Nathan Marta
Laklin Shadix*
Titan Thornton*
Ingrid Radilla- Garcia*
Roxy Orshoski*
Mary Beth Penn
Allie Freeman
Elle Harbison